Water St. Café

Location: 300 Water Street, Vancouver, BC

It’s that time of the year again and Dine Out Vancouver is back! This year, I decided to visit Water St. Café. The restaurant was offering a $30 menu which featured a choice of one of the available 4 appetizers, 4 entrees, and 3 desserts.


Porcini Mushroom Soup


This soup had a very creamy consistency. It had a really intense earthy flavour which might not appeal to everyone. Nevertheless, this soup was very satisfying on a cold, rainy night in Vancouver!

Crab Cake


Water St. Cafe’s crab cake was both crispy enough on the outside while still being moist. The tomato jam, garlic aioli, rocket, and charred corn salad provided some sweet, spicy, and tangy flavours and helped round out the dish nicely. My only complaint with the dish was that I wanted more!

Duck Breast




The slices of duck breast were nicely cooked medium and was delicious paired with the chutney. The pressed pork belly had a nice crispy layer on top but I found the rest of it to be just a tad too fatty overall.

 Lamb 2 Ways


This dish featured two slices of lamb rack and a lamb saltimbocca spring roll. The former was my preference of the two as they were cooked perfectly without much, if any, gamey taste. The spring roll was decent as well, being fairly crispy on the outside and stuffed with lamb on the inside.



This tiramisu was very strong in coffee flavour which many would like. However, I found it suffered a bit overall as it was too soggy.

Flourless Chocolate Cake


Of the two desserts I had the chance to try, this was definitely my favourite. Although I was not a fan of the cherry compote on the side, the cake itself was very moist, chocolaty, and not overly sweet.


Water St. Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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