Gluten Free Expo 2016- Vancouver

This year I received a complimentary VIP pass to attend the 5th Annual Gluten Free Expo event. Thank you Daniel for the invitation! In all honesty, I have never attended this event before and I was definitely blessed with this opportunity to check it out! The event was for two days : January 16th to 17th from 10am -5 pm held at the Vancouver Convention Center!

This event had an ample number of stands showcasing hundreds of gluten-free food that can be sampled and bought on the spot. This was a massive event and I had no idea where to start upon arriving at the venue.

Pricing for the tickets:

$12 Early Bird (Online)

$15 at the door

VIP PASSES: $49 – you receive $130 worth of free goodies

Here are some photos I took at the event:



I love eating rice crackers! They’re great alternatives to chips and also healthier!


My favourite out of the bunch was the Sriracha flavoured rice chips! I enjoyed the nice kick the sriracha brought to my mouth!


Who loves cheese? My favourite was the Applewood Smoked Cheddar. Something about the smokiness draws me for more! I will need to hit up my local grocery store for sure to get my hands on this!



Donuts anyone? This screamed at me when I saw the stand. I love donuts, but I found these to have quite a dense texture!


Who doesn’t love cookies? I think I grubbed on a few of these.



Mmm.. The Hippie Snacks are great! My favourite was the coconut clusters. I may want to substitute my granola bars for these as my work snack! They’re very addicting to munch on!


I then found the Hippie Garden Chips… something about eating dried vegetables is very satisfying. The crunchiness of this made me want to gnaw on some more!



The only item I bought at the event was a box of macarons at Kitchening and Co! The macarons are so light and airy. The flavours were on point and evident when consuming. I highly recommend!







The majority of the food that I sampled could be found in most grocery stores. I had no clue many of them even carried these products! It was definitely a great experience overall and the event gave me a different outlook and insight of what gluten free products contain and how healthy they can be for our body! I know for a fact that they aren’t cheap, but they’re definitely worth a try! At the end of the event, I was given a big bag worth of gluten free products which I was so thankful for and unbelievably shocked! I hope to attend again next year! You don’t want to miss out! You get a lot of freebies even if you do not buy the VIP pass!




  1. LOVED the GF Expo this year!! I had an amazing time; went there twice!! And cannot wait for next year 😀 I found a lot of new favorite snacks too!!


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