Pearl House

Location: 7150 Sperling Ave, Burnaby

After many visits to Pearl House, a Taiwanese bubble tea restaurant that serves food, I finally came around to blogging about it. Pearl House is located on Sperling Avenue in Burnaby with lots of residential parking. Next door is yet another restaurant of their own, but specializing in hot pot. I do not know how good their hot pot is, but one day I will try it out!

The restaurant does get quite hectic during dinner time and sometimes they even run out of food items on the menu.

During my recent visit, I ordered:

House Beef Shank with Noodle in Soup ($8.95)




For this particular dish, you can change your regular thin noodles to either rice noodles or vermicelli for free. However, if you want thick noodles, it is an additional $0.50 charge. I normally opt for the thick noodles because they are wider and cooked to a perfect texture that is still soft, but not too chewy. The majority of people I know always select the thick noodles here. Hence, it always runs out quickly before the end of the day! As for the meat, you can choose beef shank , tendon, or both, but with a cost of course. On this occasion, I opted for just the house beef shank. The beef shank was tender and less fatty. I did find it to be overly marinated and a bit too salty. Also, does anyone have problems with eating beef shank? I find that it sometimes strings on to the gaps of my teeth which can be irritating, but not a huge problem though. The soup was mildly spiced with great meaty flavours and some fat. As usual, pickled cabbage, green onions, and cilantro was toppled to give that nice presentation.

In recollection, the taste was evident for the most part of the  noodle soup, but I still prefer Newton’s beef noodle soup in Richmond more because it has more of an in-depth meaty flavouring. I would not say the service is completely the best here, but it is tolerable to a certain extent! If you are ever around in Burnaby though, I highly suggest trying the beef noodle here!


Pearl House Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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