Gala Cafe

Despite the bad reviews, I decided to give this place a try. I had no idea what to expect and I went in thinking it was going to be a Hong Kong style cafe. Instead, it was a restaurant that serves Szechuan dishes. The moment I got seated and glanced at the menu, I felt like leaving because they were sold out of a lot of dishes. However, E insisted that we should just make the most of it as we were both really hungry and in a rush. There were key things that I did not like about this place. Service was awful as we had to request for tea ourselves. When we wanted to order, the server just brought over a piece of paper and pen and told us to right down what we wanted and we had to bring it up to her instead! Keep in mind, this restaurant is very small with maybe 5 tables or so and it wasn’t even busy at the time. This left me feeling like the workers here are very lazy and inattentive.

In the end, we ordered the following food items:

Lunch Combo $7.99 (Soup, a food dish of our choice, drink, and rice)




The soup for the day was a parsley soup which was super oily and salty. As for the dish from the list we had to choose from, we chose the ribs which was marinated with soy sauce which I thought was a little drying and burnt tasting. It definitely needed a coating of sauce to it! I wasn’t given an option to choose the drink so they gave me an ice lemon tea, but it really didn’t taste like it all and I didn’t enjoy it. It actually tasted like Japanese plum juice for some reason which was kind of sour and sweet.

Dan Dan Noodles $5.99



Looking at this dish, it was evident that it was going to be fairly spicy and it sure had quite a kick to it. I didn’t love this dish at all. The noodles were quite thick and undercooked. The top was covered with an overwhelming amount of peanuts and chilly flakes which I picked out. The minced pork meat was quite tasty until I spotted films of white gelatin that were clung on to the meat. It led me to suspect that the cooked meat was packaged in the freezer for a long time and when taken out, it wasn’t thawed and heated properly.

Presentation wise, the food looked very appealing, but when eaten, it is a different story entirely. Will I return again? Not a chance!


Gala Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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