Chewies- Oyster Bar

Location : 1055 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6E 2E9

Another dine out menu that I tried this year was Chewies’ $28 set price menu. It was my first time visiting their Coal Harbour location.

To my amazement, it was quite quiet for a Sunday night which I had no complaints about. I feel that this location is a lot more roomier compared to their Kitsilano location.


Crispy Pork Cracklin


I thoroughly enjoyed the pork belly which had a very crunchy layer of skin to it. The meat was not too fatty nor lean. Also, the cajun sweet &sour sauce complimented the pork belly very well.

Kale Salad

My friend had the kale salad which I thought was too healthy for me. I’m not the biggest fan of kale so I stayed away from this dish.

Seafood Jambalaya 


If you can’t handle spiciness, I suggest staying away from this dish. It contained a variety of seafood including clams, mussels, fish, prawns, and lobster stock. I wished there were more seafood in this dish as the amount given was quite disappointing. The cajun rice was a little too spicy for me and it had a very mushy and wet texture to it which was not the most appetizing to me visually. It was my first time having jambalaya and I was not too fond of the clumps in this dish.

Lost Pudding


This dessert took me by surprise. I initially thought it was a liquid texture dessert, but in fact it was a slice of cake that tasted so much like a pancake! It was fluffy and fairly sweet. The vanilla gelato added an extra refreshing component to the dessert.

Potted Red Velvet Cake

I enjoyed eating this very much. The presentation was appealing. However, I did not taste the red velvet at all. It was more of a chocolate brownie to me. I also loved the bourbon chocolate drizzle added on top!

As an adventurous eater, I will return again to try other items from their regular menu but probably not for dine out again.

– Julie


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