Bubble Waffle Cafe

I’ve always enjoyed eating Hong Kong style noodle in soup. Thankfully, I was invited by Danny, the owner of Bubble Waffle Cafe, to try out their newly opened restaurant in Kerrisdale along West 41st Avenue. To say the least, it was an eye-opening dining experience. The owner was very informative about how he started this business and the reasoning behind the interior design.\
Bubble Waffle Cafe’s decor resonates back to traditional Chinese culture with their tables and chairs made out of reclaimed wood, the unique lighting, and the concrete floor and walls. They also have a wall mural drawn by Steven Hornung that signifies the differeneces between old Hong Kong and the new modern one and how noodle in soup came about.
Food Sampling:

I opted for the recommended “House” soup base for my noodle in soup which is made daily in house. It has a subtle sweetness to it which I believe is provided by the ample amount of fish they use to make the broth. A comforting bowl of soup to sip on for cold and rainy days. I chose their rice noodle which is also made in house, but I found it to be slightly overcooked. As for my two toppings, I chose the European sausage and beef tripe. Bean curd lovers, like myself, will be happy to know they provide a lot of it in each bowl.

E opted for the satay soup base instead which I was also able to sample. It didn’t have a pungent satay flavouring, but I could still taste it. To highlight, their soup isn’t too oily which is a big plus for me! For noodles, he chose udon and his two toppings were curry fish balls and sliced beef.
I loved both drinks (milk tea and lemon tea) as they were very refreshing. Also, they brew their tea for a certain amount of time freshly in-house.

Stinky Tofu

Who loves fermented tofu? The smell didn’t bother me and in fact, it tasted great!

Takoyaki Balls

They were nicely cooked and shaped. The batter was consistent and you could taste the diced octopus for each one. The sauce was evenly spread throughout!

Bubble Waffles

Their bubble waffles are definitely great. I love Bubble Queen’s bubble waffles, but the consistently long lineups there makes Bubble Waffle Cafe a great alternative especially since it’s just as good in my opinion. Although they don’t offer a lot of flavours, their batter is on point. The exterior is crisp while the inside is soft and fluffy. We tried the cheesecake and oreo flavours. I couldn’t taste the cheesecake, but I could smell the cheese. To me, it tasted like original but was a bit sweeter. I recommend the oreo for sure, it is somewhat chocolatey and not too sweet!

Overall, I do believe I found another great alternative to Deer garden when I am craving for noodle soup and not have to dread the long waits (for now at least). It is definitely a great addition to the Kerrisdale area as it lacked a good noodle in soup restaurant and gives everyone a different dining option! Definitely check this place out!

– Julie

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