Pearl Castle (Continental Plaza)

To end my long weekend, I was invited to go try Pearl Castle by Chinesebites with elaineats_  where we each brought a guest. Not that I have never been to Pearl Castle before, but it was definitely an eye opener for me as they serve some amazing dishes that I never considered ordering before.

Their service and food quality here are by far the best compared to their other locations. Because of the bad dining experiences I have had at their other locations, I was never drawn to revisit again until now.

We were given $100 credit for this dinner so we were cautiously trying to spend within that limit. It is noted that this dinner was sponsored, but all opinions are truly my own.


To start off, I wanted to be adventurous and deviate from what I would normally drink at bubble tea places, which is mango slush or mango milk tea. For this occasion, I decided to go with the Matcha Frappe with Red Bean ($5.95).

First off, this drink was huge! It was nicely blended to a very smooth consistency with no chunks of small ice left behind. The matcha flavour was apparent, but the drink itself was on the sweeter side. I don’t know how I feel about red beans in drinks. The combination just didn’t work for me.

Fresh Toro Frappe ($5.95), Matcha Frappe with Milk ($5.25),Taro Milk ($5.95)

Shared Dishes:

Fried Oysters $9.95


I was definitely a fan of this dish. These giant oysters were perfectly fried all around with just the right amount of flavour to them. The consensus among the table was that this was the best of the shared dishes.

Fried Chicken Nuggets $6.95


Who doesn’t like fried chicken nuggets with a nicely coated fried batter to it? The meat was moist and juicy.

Three Cups Chicken  $9.75


This dish was recommended by my friend so we ordered it. I never tried this dish anywhere before so I Googled it to get some background on this dish. The chicken is actually marinated in three sauces: soy sauce, rice wine, and sesame oil. The chicken had a very rich flavour and was great when eaten with a bowl of rice. The only downside was that it was a bit tricky tackling this dish with lots of fragmented bones attached to the chicken. I definitely didn’t want to swallow any bones! I highly recommend this dish as it really does boosts anyone’s appetite!

Individual Dishes

Kimchi Shredded Pork Fried Rice $9.95


Ginseng Chicken Hotpot $12.50


This hotpot came with a very hearty and herbal soup base. It was definitely very soothing and rejuvenating to drink spoon after spoon of it! Although it was not very apparent visually, there was ample amount of chicken at the bottom of the pot of soup.

Stir Fried Spicy Pot with Fish Nuggets $9.50


Stir Fried Spicy Pot with Assorted Ingredients $9.95


Both stir fried spicy pots had a mouth numbing effect. I could feel the heat after taking several bites. The fish did not have a nice crisp coating, but rather soggy due to the absorption of sauce. I gravitated more towards eating the fish, but not the other ingredients which were a mixture of chilly peppers and onions. Overall, the flavours were perfectly in place. One regret I had was not getting the pot with assorted ingredients instead because it had a mixture of seafood and meat that I would have enjoyed more.

All in all, I would recommend others to try this location out. Servers are accommodating and the environment is lively and spacious!

  • Julie

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