Hi Genki

I finally made my way to trying out Hi Genki Japanese Restaurant located along Kingsway in Burnaby. It can be confusing to find this place, but it is surprisingly located inside the Nikkei Senior Home. E and I went during lunch time on a weekend and it was packed. We put our name down and waited for roughly 20 minutes. Food did take quite some time to come out, but I thought the quality was there and the pricing is very reasonable.

Spicy Kaarage Donburi ($9.50)

An instant favourite of mine, this dish features chicken kaarage toppled on a bed of rice. The deboned chicken were massive in size. You actually get quite a bit of chicken compared to some places don’t generally give out that much. The kaarage itself was fairly crispy and juicy while not being very oily. It also came with a bowl of miso soup on the side. I highly recommend ordering this!

Nabeyaki Udon ($7.95)

E loves his noodle in soup so with no hesitation he decided to give Hi Genki’s udon a try! The proportion was definitely small, especially compared to the donburi. There was not much to the soup, just a relatively clean broth. We would have liked it if there was more meat given along with the noodles. I couldn’t pinpoint anything special about this dish. It was pretty generic to me.
Overall, if you like home cooked style Japanese food and want to come out of your comfort zone in just eating sushi, this place is a hit! They a have a lot of variety on their menu. The food is very good yet affordable. They definitely have a lot to offer.


Hi Genki Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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