The Cycling Croissant

Who doesn’t want breakfast goods to be delivered to your door for free when you’re feeling lazy or when it is wet and dreary outside? The newly opened business, “The Cycling Croissant”, contacted me to try out their service and goods for free.

They deliver freshly baked French viennoiseries to your doors daily. All you have to do is create an account on their website, select the pastries you want, pick a date and time (7 am – 12 pm), and click on payment. From there, they’ll deliver your goods to you for free depending where you live. Also, there is a minimum order of $15, but right now they do have a promotion happening where you can get $10 OFF on your first order!

The fresh breakfast goods were delivered to me on time which was excellent as my stomach was starting to rumble! Thank goodness I did not have to step outside as it was pouring out on this particular morning so the convenience component is there.


The packaging of the goods was simple and attractive with a sticker logo placed on the box and a bow string tied around it.

The assortment of goods were arranged nicely where you could see a bit of everything inside the box.


What was inside the box?

Le Croissant


This had a nice golden yellow and brownish tone to it while being buttery and flaky. It was perfectly curved and was fluffy on the top.

Pain au Chocolat


This had small chunks of rolled up chocolate inside which I thought was the perfect amount to add to this pastry as the sweetness of the chocolate was not too overwhelming.

Almond Croissant


I highly recommend this as it is filled with a luscious nutty, light almond cream. It also had a very nice crispy texture when u bite into it.

Raisin Danish


I personally love eating danishes like this one with coffee or tea because they compliment each other’s strengths and sweetness. This had more of a flakier texture compared to the croissant.

Mini Palmiers


This crisp perfectly heart-shaped pastry had a subtle sweetness to it.

 All the baked goods were quite buttery with a flakier texture. They did have a crumblier consistency when I was breaking apart the goods. But most importantly, the goods were fresh! It is still good when eaten a day old, but I can tell it is not as fresh compared to the first day.

 Overall, the service and goods did meet my expectations. My family did enjoy the goods as well so I do recommend others to support their local business and try them out!




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