Scorpio’s M Dessert

The popularity of desserts establishments have been booming in the Vancouver food industry recently. There are a lot of places for me to try still. Thankfully, I had the opportunity to try out Scorpio’s M Dessert recently thanks to ChineseBites for the invitation and the staff at Scorpio’s M Dessert for hosting.

The restaurant is located inside Golden Village Plaza in Richmond. There is a limited number of really tight parking stalls in the plaza and a lot of paid street parking.

Scorpio's M Dessert

The interior design of this place resembles a high tea like environment which I wouldn’t be surprised if they started offering high tea in the afternoon!

We shared quite a few items among the 4 of us. They have a lot of variety and assortment of desserts ranging from cold items to hot items on their menu.

Durian Pancakes ($3.50)


There was a strong fragrant and taste to the durian which was wrapped around with a nicely thin layer of crepe-like wrapper.

Mango, Kiwi and Riceball with Homemade Shaved Ice ($7.95)


The combination of mango and kiwi did not work for me. In addition, the rice balls were quite dense to chew on.

Papaya Sago and Grass Jelly with Milk ($6.50)


The texture of the milk was quite soothing. However, the dish was bland in taste.

Black Sticky Rice and Durian with Homemade Shaved Ice ($6.95)


This was by far my favourite. Two of my favourite dessert items to eat all in one dish. The durian was very fresh and the black sticky rice complemented the fruit well.

Mango and Basil Seed with Mango Homemade Shaved Ice ($6.95)


The basil seed reminded me of chia seeds and it was quite nice to eat. I wish the mango was more ripen though.

Strawberry and Black Sticky Rice with Homemade Shaved Ice ($7.95)


Another one of my favourites. The sticky rice was definitely a filler for me.

This would’ve topped off the chart for me if it was cold. The sweetness was just perfect.

Milk Soda with Ice-Cream  ($6.25)


A very milky and creamy drink which was refreshing but not nearly cold enough to my liking. I also did not find it to have a lot of carbonated air from the soda.

My overall verdict of Scorpio’s M Dessert is that it is good. I do love their shaved ice as it is smooth rather than having big chunks of ice. The biggest issue for me was that their shaved ice items tend to melt very fast so you would have to eat it fast! With the variety of choices available, it is hard not to find something you will enjoy here.


Scorpio's M Dessert Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



  1. Nice blogging Julie! I had durian one time in some sort of a dim sum plate – which wasn’t to my liking, but that’s about the only time! I think I’m scared to tried durian from what I’ve heard about it! Perhaps I might try it some day again! lol


    1. Haha thank you Janet! I loveeeeee eating durian, especially when it’s frozen because it tastes like ice-cream! But I do know what you mean though, ive tried some pretty bad durian pastries at dim sum places before too!! Don’t let that one bad experience stop you from eating durian! XD.


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