Panda Night Market (Richmond B.C)

Address: 12631 Vulcan Way, Richmond, BC V6V 1J7

Price: $$

Transportation: Bus or Car

Note: Sponsored meal- Thank you to ChineseBites for the invite and Panda Market for hosting.


Ying Kee

Surprisingly decent bubble waffles that I have had eaten in a while. They were crispy on the outside and not too doughy on the inside.

Orr Street

The Mango Smoothie was blended very smoothly and the mango flavouring did not have that obvious artificial taste.

Pie Pie Okonomiyaki

We chose the Beef Okonomiyaki. It reminded me of a flat onion pancake, but with the taste of takoyaki balls. It was quite chewy and doughy.

Mr. Pretzels


This had a signature chewy crust to it with the perfect knotted pretzel shape.

Xin Jiang A Fan Ti Halal BBQ


One of my favourite stands of the night. The tender chicken and lamb skewers were very well-seasoned.



The deep fried oreos had the perfect uniform shape to them but I found them to be too greasy and sweet. I thought it could have been better without the chocolate drizzle and icing sugar.

Happy Lemon


This large cup of lemonade could have been a bit more sweet.

Twist Potato / Korean Waffles

For the hurricane potato chips, we opted for the ketchup flavor. Unfortunately, the potato was slightly undercooked. It was missing the crispiness to it. The Korean waffle with warm Nutella inside, on the other hand, had a big difference in terms of freshness!

Shake Shake


This watermelon drink was very refreshing! In addition to real watermelon juice, the drink also had aloe vera and coconut jelly that some may not like in their drinks.

Cheese Tarts


The flavours were cheesecake and lavender. The lavender was unique with a floral taste to it. However, the shell wasn’t as buttery and flaky.

Top Dough


We chose the chimney cake with diced strawberries in it. It’s quite unique as there was whipped cream inside with Nutella and strawberries. This was definitely a party in my mouth. The baked dough was very soft.

Shanghai Special

This pork schnitzel tasted quite similar to the Taiwanese pork chop that you would find at bubble tea places. However, this tasted better with a nice fried golden batter to it.

It’s Toasty


The french toast was way too greasy for my liking. I only really tasted grease.

Mini Donuts

I tried the oreo and birthday surprise flavours. They were definitely on the sweeter side, but the donut texture was very soft and not dense.

J&J Hurricane Potato Fries

For the second stand that was offering hurricane potato fries, we chose sour cream and onion flavouring. The potato chips here tasted way better, but still not as crispy. We had to add ketchup to boost up that flavouring.

TW Traditional Snacks


The chicken nuggets were juicy and just seasoned enough. I also enjoyed how there was just a thin layer of batter.


The mango shaved ice with ice-cream isΒ notably one of my favourite desserts to eat that doesn’t get me too full. The ice was slightly chunky though. The ripened mango pieces and ice-cream were a match made in heaven!

Sea Monster

This beautiful bouquet of deep fried squid drizzled with sweet chili was a big hit for me. The squid was certainly not tough to eat!

BBQ Squid


This platter of bbq squid and tofu was huge! The squid were very delicious but they were not mouth-size pieces so can be a bit harder to eat.

Recommend: Yes, free entrance and food is better this year!!! It definitely deserves some recognition.




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