Rajio Public House (West 10th Ave, Vancouver)

Located in the Point Grey area of Vancouver, Rajio Public House is one of Suika’s sister restaurants. It took me ages to try this restaurant just because it is out of the way for me.
I went on a Friday which surprisingly was not as busy as I had expected. I would say that Suika draws more of a crowd. Rajio operates under a tight space with relatively fewer tables in comparison. They have nice wall displays which was captivating and also lively music. As well, the servers were attentive and welcoming.


The KFC – $7.80



Who doesn’t love to eat boneless fried chicken? These were coated with spices and komeko rice flour. The downside to this dish was that it was slightly burnt and there was not much taste to the chicken, despite it being tender.

Aburi *Shime-Saba* Sushi – $12.80



This roll was recommended to us by our server. It contained mackerel which was cured with hokkaido kelp and vinegar. The sushi was perfectly intact with a nicely seared mackerel on top drizzled with sesame mustard soy. I highly recommend this roll!

Rajo Signature Skewers

(Scallop and Oyster $1.90 each  / Beef and Chicken $1.80)



Rajio is most known for their skewers so I had to try a few! The skewers here were deep fried instead of grilled which was something different. My favourite were the oyster and scallop as they were moist and juicy. The beef skewer, in comparison, was my least favourite as deep fried beef just didn’t work for me.

Shio Teppan Yakisoba – $12.80


I kind of regretted ordering this as we were nearly full already. Also, this dish did not impress me at all. The soba had a thin texture which reminded me of egg noodles. There was also not much seafood in the dish. The dish itself was almost too creamy and the soba ended up being too soggy.

I still prefer Suika’s menu more as it caters more to my taste buds and it’s a lot more convenient to get to. However, it was a great dining experience overall, especially trying out Rajio’s unique skewers.





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