Raisu (West 4th Ave, Vancouver)

The newly opened Raisu, located on West 4th , is another sister restaurant of Suika. This Japanese izakaya restaurant is spacious and has a big bar area. The food here is definitely priced a bit higher compared to its other sister restaurants. We were seated on the patio which was quite nice on a sunny day to get my tan on!




SHO KA DO BENTO – $27.00

This was limited to 15 servings per dinner so if you want to try it out, act fast and go early before it sells out! I got to sample the different types of Japanese tapas that were linked to their tradition. A very vibrant bento box with seasonal ingredients being used. It’s very unique and tasty.


Each of the cutlets (minced meat cutlet from 100% premium wagyu beef, “Omugi” premium pork cutlet, and black tiger prawn cutlet) were beautifully deep fried to a nice golden colour coat. A different sauce was also provided for each of the cutlet to be dipped into. The cutlets were amazingly crispy on the outside when taking a bite into them. My only complaint was that the beef and pork cutlet was a bit on the dryer side for me. By choosing the meal option, the dish comes with a bowl of rice, miso soup, small side-dish, and pickled vegetables.



This was served in a huge ceramic bowl that seemed bigger than my head! The broth was slowly simmered with ingredients like bonito, mackerel, young sardine and kelp. I whiffed the steam towards me and I could smell how fragrant it was. The server helped us pour the soup into the bowl at our table to soak the sanuki udon and cook the thinly sliced rare Wagyu beef slices and vegetables. I couldn’t help but to sip on the soup as it was savory and delicious tasting. A typical dish that I would certainly order on a cold day.

I was happy that I got to try Raisu and experience for myself the type of food they offer and the ambiance they had compared to its sister restaurants. Their food presentation was impressive and different. However, my heart is still with Suika until I have a chance to try more things from Raisu to change that opinion!


Raisu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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