Candy Tree Dessert (Kingsway, Burnaby)

At last I finally got around to trying  which is located on Kingsway, across the street from Central Park in Burnaby. Thank you ChineseBites for the invite and the Candy Tree Dessert staff for hosting! Please note that that they close on Wednesdays. There are a lot of residential parking spots available so you don’t need to pay for street parking. I would say that Asian desserts aren’t necessarily my favourite. But after I tried out Candy Tree’s desserts, that opinion is starting to change!

As a group, we collectively chose desserts and drinks that sounded appetizing to us to share. According to our server, the hot sweet desserts are their most popular items that people love to order.

Coffee Bubble Waffle ($3.50)

I highly recommend getting the coffee flavour as it was pungent. The waffle had a crisp outer coating. I liked how it wasn’t too chewy on the inside like Bubble Queen’s.

Durian Waffle Tower ($13.00)


This would look aesthetically appealing if the mini coloured marshmallows and strawberries weren’t added on. It had a very creamy durian paste, that wasn’t too sweet, layered over the waffles. I think I prefer eating the durian paste and waffles separately. As well, this is a seasonal dessert which is not on their menu.

Black Sesame Soup (Hot) ($5.00)



This place makes the perfect black sesame soup as it has a reasonable thickness and subtle sweetness to it. Most places I have been to makes it really runny.

Snow Ice ($8.50 with 3 toppings)



The ice was like sheets of pillowy goodness. It was light and smooth. They currently get their snow ice from a supplier, but they will soon make their own snow ice in house. For the snow ice flavour, we chose matcha. However, that didn’t pair up nicely with the toppings like jellies and mango stars. The mini rice balls that were made out of sweet potato had a nice chewiness to them and definitely worked with the matcha flavouring. I think grass jelly and mixed beans would be a better combination for it!

Durian Milkshake ($6.50) / Ferrero Rocher Milkshake ($6.50)


If you’re a durian lover, you would love this durian milkshake drink. Fresh durian that is blended smoothly into a liquid consistency. This drink will definitely leave you with durian breath.

Also, I found the Ferreo Rocher drink to be a tad too sweet, but refreshing nonetheless.

Fresh Taro Milk Tea ($4.00) + ($0.50 Pearls) / Mango Black Tea ($3.75) with Sugar Agar Jelly ($1.00)

The taro drink wasn’t as strong as I would like it to be. I do believe Pearl Castle makes it better.

Also, I didn’t love the Mango Black Tea drink as the flavour tasted quite off to me. However, I did love chewing on the sugar agar jelly. It’s not as chewy as black pearls which can be a pain to eat sometimes if not cooked properly.

Overall, I really enjoyed the desserts. I would come back again, but order different things to try. The prices are high, but you get what you pay for! I highly recommend it. I suggest going a little early because it will get busy during the night!


Candy Tree Dessert Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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