Oka-san Kitchen Cafe

I’ve been to Oka-san Kitchen Cafe twice so far. Location wise, it is on Fraser Street between 19th and 20th Avenue. It’s quite an obscure area where you can pass by it easily when driving without noticing it. There’s definitely no competition in that neighbourhood but I think they need to rely on social media or marketing to attract people to come. When you first walk into the restaurant, on your left hand side, you will see their beautifully drawn menu chalkboard which is very eye catching.



My very first visit was extremely disappointing  as they basically didn’t have much available from their menu during their 11 am opening. I was hoping to try their raw items too, but nothing was available from the sushi bar. They had friendly, welcoming service, but the food took too long to come out making me very irritated and hungry. The second time around when I came back, they had everything so I made a run for their famous poke bowl.

Carbonara Udon $9.95

The white sauce was very rich and creamy which can be a bit heavy for some people to eat. I love the added bacon bits to the dish which made it that much more savoury.


Mama’s Plate (Okasan’s “Big Plate” Combos – Choose main dish + 1 raw item + 1 side dish) * Note : Price varies depending on which main dish you select*

Unagi Don + Spicy Salmon + Spinach Gomae $15.95

The unagi was flaky and tender. The amount of spicy salmon was notably disappointing as you can eat all of it in one bite. I was hoping for more sides given!



Oyakodon (Chicken & Eggs) with Chicken Kaarage and Ebi Mayo $13.95

There was an abundance of tender chicken given and the caramelized onion gave it a sweet taste. The chicken kaarage was missing the crispiness, but the ebi mayo was nicely fried.


Mama Style Poke Bowl ($15.95)

My sister describes this bowl as a garden in a bowl!  Poke bowls are such a popular item in the Vancouver food scene right now. With this particular poke bowl, you get a lot of leafy romaine lettuce, fresh seaweed, quail eggs, imitation crab meat, potato salad, tuna and salmon sashimi. This was all on top of a lot of rice.  With the amount given, you can definitely share between two people!



Assorted Mochi Ice-cream ($5.95)

Flavours: Chocolate, Mango, and Matcha

To say the very least, I regretted ordering this dessert and it was very forgettable. The mochi was not fresh at all as if it had been in the freezer for a very long time. The skin was dense and not chewy at all. This doesn’t surprise me as these aren’t made in house, but are bought from a local supplier.


I am planning on coming back again for the poke bowl as the presentation and taste really stood out to me. I also highly recommend you all to try it as you won’t regret it!

For more information, please check out their website : Okasan-Kitchen!


Oka-San Kitchen and Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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