Chambar Restaurant (Beatty Street, Vancouver)

If you ever decide not to stand in the ridiculously long line up for Jam Cafe, you head down the block to Chambar Restaurant instead which is 2 doors down. They offer great brunch services on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Chambar has a very comfortable and inviting environment with a lot of seating, but can definitely fill out quickly on the weekend. We happened to get seated by the window which was very nice as there was light coming in, perfect for taking nice photos. The food presentation was outstanding. Likewise, the service was remarkable as our server was engaging and attentive. They’re more of an upscale restaurant so the prices reflect that on the menu.


Tajine ( $16 )



This contained spicy merguez sausage and saffron tomato stew with a beautifully poached egg. The taste was a mixture of saltiness and sourness, but had a substantial amount of herb in it as well. This dish was complimented by fried pita and an Indian inspired raita sauce which was tart and lemony.

Gaufre Au Saumon ($19)



The gravlax spring salmon had a pungent smokiness to it, but was briny for me.  Yet again, the poaching of the egg was just perfect while drizzled with the yuzy dill hollandaise sauce. This dish was well assembled in my opinion. The texture of the savory waffle didn’t work for me however. I found it to be overly soggy and chewy, but definitely can be corrected though.

Waffles ($3.15 each) + $1 Topping




I am a lover for the white chocolate pistachio rose water topping which had a nice floral flavour and a subtle hint of pistachio taste to it. When it comes to munching on waffles, I still prefer Cafe Medina’s which are light and fluffy and it has a crispy outer surface to them.

London Fog ($4) & Earl Grey (Loose Leaf Tea) $3.50

Both are great drinks for the morning to wake ourselves up! They’re very strong and tasty.

On an end note, the minor things didn’t bug me at all. I still really enjoyed the food and the service. It’s such a great place to go for brunch on the weekend.

For more information, please check out their website: Chambar



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