Kimu Japanese Cuisine (Boundary Road , Vancouver)

I love spotting new Japanese restaurants in the Vancouver Lower Mainland. My colleagues mentioned that a new, authentic Japanese restaurant opened up on the corner of Boundary and East 29th Avenue called Kimu Japanese Cuisine.

They had a 10% off grand opening promotion for the month of September. It was definitely a deal that I could not pass up on!

The restaurant location is quite unfitting as it’s secluded in an area with about 4 shops that needs a new makeover, but offers a free parking lot for customers. The layout of the restaurant is very spacious and big.

I’ve dined here 4 times during dinner and lunch time and each time I ordered different things.

Crab Salmon Sushi Pizza ($8.95)

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This was my first time trying a sushi pizza where there were crab meat, tabiko, green onions, BBQ sauce and spicy mayo. The layer of raw salmon on top was spectacular. The flattened pan fried rice was crisp. The overall flavour was perfect. This was the dish to remember and I would it recommend to all.

Sake (Salmon) Sashimi ($7.95)

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The sashimi cuts were very generous with each slice being big and thick.

Salmon Party Roll ($7.50)

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I expected more from this roll but it was quite disappointing. The taste wasn’t as good as I’d hope for as the combination of the ingredients didn’t work together for me. It was based off of a BC roll where BBQ salmon skin was used. I would probably stay away from this roll if eating  BBQ salmon skin is not something you enjoy.

Chicken Yaki Udon ($9.50)

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The grilled chicken was moist and well seasoned. This was mixed in with udon noodles and an assortment of stir fried vegetables. I had a disliking for the heavy amount of sauce used for this dish. The dish became a bit too soggy overall.

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box ($8.95)

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This is their lunch special which is offered at an amazing price, given the amount of food you get. I assure you that you’ll get pretty full from this hefty box alone. The bento box came with nicely grilled chicken, fresh salad, perfectly fried potato croquette, nicely assembled California roll, and deep fried tempura (2 pieces of prawn and 2 pieces of vegetables).

Sake Nigiri ($1.40 each)  / Toro Nigiri ($1.60 each) / Sake Aburi Sushi ($1.80 each)

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 They were all very fresh and on point.

 Chicken Udon ($8.50)

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Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to settle for something soupy and comforting to eat. The soup was a tad too sweet for my liking. This was a passable dish if you aren’t looking for something gourmet.

 So where do I stand with this restaurant? I was quite pleased with the service and food quality. It’s not a high end Japanese restaurant, but the food they serve is quite up to my standards. It’s a very affordable place if you want sushi but don’t want to wait ridiculously long to get a table like at Sushi Garden. Next time when you’re in the area looking for a place to eat, keep this place in mind!


KIMU Japanese Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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