The Poké Shop (Waterstreet, Vancouver)

It’s not hard to believe that there are so many poké places opening around Vancouver. It has become an ongoing trend that I hope doesn’t die down anytime soon!

I was graciously invited to the Poké Shop media event by a fellow foodie (@dustbunny). Thank you Dustbunny and the Poké Shop for having me! 

Most of the poké shops in the city are in the downtown Vancouver core area and this one happens to be in Gastown on Water Street. The restaurant is not hard to locate, but can be easily missed because it’s quite hidden as you need to walk down the stairs to get to the entrance. It’s easy to get to by transit, but driving is obviously an option too if you’re willing to look and pay for parking. 

The Poké Shop was actually quite spacious and was nicely designed with a very captivating wall design near the seating area.  


I got to build my own poké bowl. It’s always nice to have the option to select my own ingredients! 

There are two bowl sizes that you can choose from: regular ($10.95) or large ($12.95). All bowls come with 2 proteins and 2 toppings on top of a bed of rice. It was interesting to see that they offer multigrain purple rice which not a lot of places offer. 



For the media event, we were graciously allowed unlimited toppings and I went all out with my customized poké bowl. I chose the regular sushi rice and my two proteins were special marinated ahi tuna and wild sockeye salmon. For the toppings, I chose fried shallots and onions, fresh mango, seaweed, imitation crab meat, tobiko, and lettuce greens which were all drizzled on with their signature secret sauce. 




They offered the Avocado Poké Toast ($10.95) for us to sample as well. I thought this was a creative idea but looked quite messy to eat as the ingredients were just stacked on top without any support. I personally did not get the chance to try it as I was pretty full, but I heard from others it tasted extraordinary. 


For the drink, I tried the Plantation (pineapple) Ice Tea. It was hard to sip up the pineapple bits, but the drink itself did taste quite pleasant with a slight sweetness to it with a slight trace of pineapple taste to it.



Overall, this is my second poké stop that I have tried so far. I give them credit for competing in a rather tough poké market. I thought the marinated fish protein fell flat for me but they can definitely improve on it. The rice was slightly undercooked. For the most part however, their ingredients were very fresh. Presentation of the final product was well executed and looked scrumptious. The overall taste was great, but could be even better!

Hit them up if you’re on a poké craze at the moment and would like to quickly grab a bite! 


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