Breakfast Table (West Broadway, Vancouver)

It always excites me when I find a new brunch spot in Vancouver. This time, I discovered Breakfast Table. It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 7:00 am – 2:00 pm and is located on West Broadway and Granville Street.
During the weekend, there could be a bit of wait to get seated. The turnover for tables were quite quick. You can put your name and number down and they’ll call you when your table is ready. The food did take quite sometime to come out, but the overall service was delightful and attentive.

There were too many options to select from which made the decision a lot harder. I honestly wanted to order everything off their menu!

Fried Chicken Breakfast Sandwich ($13)



It was hard eating everything together (fried egg, fried chicken, tomato, cheddar and English muffin), but it was worth the mess! The highlight of this dish was the well-battered fried chicken which was very crispy, peppery, and succulently juicy! I also enjoyed eating the nicely seasoned potato hash! 

Coffee Crusted Pork Belly Hash $15


Surprisingly, the Milano bourbon coffee ground worked as a coating ingredient for the pork belly! You can definitely taste the aromatic scent of the coffee from the crust and it tasted amazing. The pork belly was tender and not too fatty. Eating a bite of the pork belly together with the perfectly poached egg was heavenly!

Beef Bulgogi Hash $16



This was an asian fusion inspired dish with kimchi in it. The Korean sweet chili sauce enlightened the taste of this dish. The beef bulgogi was very tender and moist. Not a spicy dish at all even with the side of kimchi.

Chicken Karaage Hash $15



Their fried chicken is impressive to me just as it was in the breakfast sandwich. The chicken is fried at perfect temperature with the right amount of seasoning. For this dish, they also used a Korean sweet chili sauce which provided a subtle sweetness to the dish. I also enjoyed eating the grilled vegetables.

Overall, I was very impressed with the food and the price point. The proportion was the perfect amount and the presentation of each dish was on point. The potato hash really filled me up. The food definitely compensates for the long wait after ordering!


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