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I’ve always been an avid buyer for Agropur products. It is the largest dairy cooperative and it carries the title for being one of the most trusted dairy brands in Canada.
They carry a variety of dairy products that you may see in your local groceries stores under easily recognizable brands such as Natrel, IÖGO, and OKA.

The cooperative movement behind the Agropur brand is led by consumers like us who chooses to purchase this brand and are essentially contributing and building a better Canadian economy.

When we are purchasing Agropur products:

1) We are supporting 3,290 Canadian dairy farmers who contribute to the Canadian economy by producing high quality dairy products.

2) We are supporting 13,000 Canadian families who are very passionate about fuelling the economies of their communities.

3) We are helping Agropur generate over 6 billion dollars in sales based on their unique business model of wealth sharing between its members.

The majority of our big local grocery stores like Superstore, Walmart, Safeway, and Save-on-foods carry Agropur dairy products (Natrel Milk, IÖGO yogurt, and OKA Cheese).

When Agropur reached out to me to review their products, I was so excited as I actually purchase their products already on a regular basis minus their cheese. In this post, I will be sharing with you how I incorporate Agropur products into my day.

Natrel Milk -$5.49

Agropur Natrel Milk Canada

Agropur Natrel Milk Canada

I always grab the 1% which is made with lactose free ultra-filtered partially skimmed milk. I cannot say I am lactose intolerant since I can eat ice-cream without having an upset stomach, but homogenized milk on its own is another story! My body cannot handle it! Weird eh? I drink lactose free milk every day because my body needs that calcium! I remind myself to drink a glass every morning. Sometimes I drink it on its own or have it with my favorite pastry good!

IÖGO Yogurt- $4.00

Agropur IÖGO Yogurt Canada

Agropur IÖGO Yogurt Canada

My favorite brand for yogurt. It claims that it has no artificial colours or flavoring, in addition to no preservatives or gelatine! I am a big fan of the creamy, thick texture. I highly recommend getting the strawberry flavor in the tub or in a package with individual yogurt cups. I am a lazy person, but I know for a fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sometimes I will prepare my yogurt parfait the night before in a mason jar and refrigerate it. It’s quite easy! I add yogurt, fresh or frozen fruits, granola, and chia seeds. It keeps me full for hours. Voilà! There you have an easy and handy breakfast or a snack-to-go! Occasionally, I’ll buy the individual cups for work and have them as a snack as well!

Oka Classique Cheese- $7.00

Pic 5

Agropur oka cheese

Okay, I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of cheese, but I’ll have it on its own once in a while as a snack when there is a party or pot luck at work and someone brings a cheese platter. I prefer eating it on its own with crackers! It tastes so good! The cheese has a semi-soft and creamy texture. It has a strong pungent taste where the cheese has been aged for a while, but it does not bother me at all.

Next time when you are at your grocery store, pick up these high quality dairy products and give them a try! Tip: Their milk and yogurt can be used to make good smoothies too! If you’re lactose intolerant, Agropur offers a variety of lactose-free dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, milk and cream. Join me and support our Canadian dairy cooperative (Agropur).

To learn more about Agropur, check out their website:

Thank you, Agropur, for giving me an opportunity to work with you guys!


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