Bakery/Coffee Shop

The Cycling Croissant

Who doesn’t want breakfast goods to be delivered to your door for free when you’re feeling lazy or when it is wet and dreary outside? The newly opened business, “The Cycling Croissant”, contacted me to try out their service and goods for free.



Thyme to Indulge

Address: 2858 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 0C1

It was about time I visited Thyme to Indulge for brunch. I always see a line up when I am driving by over the weekend so there must be a reason it is drawing such a big crowd. (more…)

PappaRoti’s Famous Coffee Buns


When I was browsing on my phone, I was crossing my fingers in hopes that I would find a new place to get a snack from and I happened to land on the name PappaRoti. I thought it was perfect timing as I was in Downtown already and the coffee shop itself was on Robson Street. My sister joined me on this coffee shop run and it was indeed a venture to take as it was a far walk from the skytrain. (more…)