Longtail Kitchen  

About a month ago, I finally got to try Longtail Kitchen and it was not quite what I had expected. They serve Thai and Malaysian fusion dishes that were on the pricier side for quite small proportions. This restaurant is located around the New Westminster Quay. After you place your order up front, you can seat yourself and they would bring the food to you. (more…)


Best Laksa

As an avid noodle soup lover, there are certainly a lot of options to choose from in the Lower Mainland. On this occasion, I was craving for some Malaysian laksa and happened to come across Tamarind Hill in New Westminster. Both locations, this one and the North Vancouver one, offers a wide range of popular Malaysian dishes. (more…)

Kickass Hawkers!

When I heard that my friend wanted to go to a place called “Hawkers Delight” together to grab a bite, I was expecting pub food. In fact, it is an authentic Singaporean and Malaysian restaurant. My friend,Tanya, has been here several times and she highly recommends it. (more…)

Malaysian Cafe in Vancouver BC

Food Quality Can’t Compare

From time to time, I do like to have Malaysian food for dinner and I came across a fellow foodie on Instagram who posted some amazing dishes from Panang Delight Cafe. There are actually two locations: one around Marpole area and one on Renfrew. I decided to visit the Marpole location since it is closer. The restaurant is situated in a neighbourhood which is quite hidden and kind of hard to find. The outer appearance of the restaurant appears to look rather small. (more…)

Itching For Some Malaysian Food Lately? Here You Go…


Who loves Malaysian food? I certainly do, especially at Kaya Malay Bistro on West Broadway anyway! What brought me back here for the second time around were the perks given to me by Qooway! I will tell you more about it at the end of this blog post, so keep reading to find out more! (more…)