Pearl House Restaurant (Sperling Avenue , Burnaby)

I blogged about this place before, but I just had to mention it again. If something tastes so amazing, I should probably re-share it, right?



Pearl Castle (Continental Plaza)

To end my long weekend, I was invited to go try Pearl Castle by Chinesebites with elaineats_  where we each brought a guest. Not that I have never been to Pearl Castle before, but it was definitely an eye opener for me as they serve some amazing dishes that I never considered ordering before. (more…)

Do Not Let the Heat Scare You Away

Scorching hot heat and hot pot soup do not sound like an attractive idea at the moment, but it does not stop me from dining at Boiling Point, a Taiwanese restaurant in Burnaby. I have been to this location and the Richmond one many times in the past, but this time it is a free meal. Thank you ChineseBites for inviting me! (more…)