Baoguette Vietnamese Bistro (Kerrisdale)

I first fell in love with Baoguette Vietnamese Bistro when I tried their English Bay location on Denman Street. I was happy to hear that they opened another location in Kerrisdale which is a lot closer to home for me! I went to this new location twice since it opened and I had mixed opinions about it.



Anh and Chi

Previously known as Pho Hoang, the kids of the original owners have successfully taken over and transformed the restaurant with a modern menu and ambiance.

Ha CafΓ©

I have a soft spot for Vietnamese food so I am always on the look out for new restaurants to try. I came to Ha CafΓ© on two separate occasions and I am quite pleased with the service and the food. With most Vietnamese restaurants being very filthy looking, this one has a cleaner atmosphere and can be super busy as well. (more…)

Why Wait? Go Now!

I feel exhilarated about writing this post as I believe I found a relatively great tasting banh mi establishment in my area that is exceedingly affordable. The place is called Banh Mi Saigon which is located along Victoria Drive. (more…)

Baoguette Adventure

I have been on a Vietnamese banh mi (sandwich) binge lately and no, I am not sick of these sandwiches just yet! If I had to choose between eating a Subway sandwich or banh mi, banh mi will be my number one pick for sure! A few weeks ago, my sister and I decided to have a sister outing where we would do some shopping and eating. I suggested going to Baoguette Vietnamese Bistro on Denman Street for lunch. (more…)