Jamaican Me All Over

A couple of weeks back, my sister insisted that we should go try some Jamaican patties at The Patty Shop located in the Arbutus area. Since it was our first time trying Jamaican food, I was pretty ecstatic about trying something new that was beyond my culture. My opinions here would be based solely on my experience as a first timer. (more…)



I stumbled upon another great find on SocialShopper. This time to Liquids + Solids Café for $10 which is worth $20 in value. The name of the restaurant does not sound alluring at all, but more importantly, the overall quality of their food was decent. Out of the three locations that they have, I chose to go to the West Broadway one as I found it to be the most convenient for me.


Mr. Red Café….?! It’s Not What You Think It Is.

Doesn’t the name Mr. Red Café sound mesmerizing? When I first read the restaurant’s name my initial thought was a standard bakery / coffee shop. To my amazement, it was actually a Vietnamese restaurant. Without question, my boyfriend and I decided to have dinner here one evening. (more…)


Today is one of those days where my boyfriend was craving for pho. We decided to hit up our usual go-to pho restaurant, “Green Lemon Grass Vietnamese Cuisine”. We have been here many times before and I can say we have established a very great relationship with the owners. Yeah, no shame! We used to come here on a weekly basis! I honestly love the food, service, and environment. (more…)