A Fever for Japanese KitKats.

I tend to splurge on Japanese KitKats once in awhile if I see unique or unusual flavours that capture my attention or make me raise an eyebrow. However, the price I pay for them here in Vancouver can be pretty hefty compared to in Japan where they cost probably a third of the cost here! (more…)


My Waffle Search Continues….

My friend purchased this Social Shoppers deal a while back for $13 to Voyage Cafe which is located in Coal Harbour. We decided yesterday would be the perfect day to redeem this deal and have a small reunion. The café is owned by Asians and is travel friendly as there are several options to get to this destination. You can either walk, transit, or drive. (more…)

Craving for Waffles?

Welps! This is my very first blog post! A lot of my friends have encouraged me to start food blogging, I was kind of hesitant at first because 1) I am NOT a good writer and 2) as if I haven’t written enough reports already in school, writing blog posts is like homework to me. But I guess a lot of people nowadays rather look at pictures than read a whole essay,right?! haha Well, my future posts will be short and sweet. More pictures and less rambling! (more…)