Breakfast Table (West Broadway, Vancouver)

It always excites me when I find a new brunch spot in Vancouver. This time, I discovered Breakfast Table. It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 7:00 am – 2:00 pm and is located on West Broadway and Granville Street.

The Poké Shop (Waterstreet, Vancouver)

It’s not hard to believe that there are so many poké places opening around Vancouver. It has become an ongoing trend that I hope doesn’t die down anytime soon!


Why Wait? Go Now!

I feel exhilarated about writing this post as I believe I found a relatively great tasting banh mi establishment in my area that is exceedingly affordable. The place is called Banh Mi Saigon which is located along Victoria Drive. (more…)

Win-lose Grubbing Experience


How often do I ever come across intriguing food deals on Groupon or SocialShopper that are of good value? SocialShopper currently has a deal going on for a new “Froyo/Waffle” establishment called Stylo Dessert located on Denman Street. The deal has two options to choose from 1) 2 large frozen parfaits for $8 or 2) 2 savory waffles with a choice of Fronados frozen yogurt or drinks for $12. (more…)