In addition to having time off work, weekends are also awesome for brunch menus! After hearing rave reviews about AnnaLena, I decided to visit this restaurant in the heart of Kitsilano. I adore their modern and spacious interior which had ample seating in addition to the bar area. (more…)


Jamaican Me All Over

A couple of weeks back, my sister insisted that we should go try some Jamaican patties at The Patty Shop located in the Arbutus area. Since it was our first time trying Jamaican food, I was pretty ecstatic about trying something new that was beyond my culture. My opinions here would be based solely on my experience as a first timer. (more…)

Craving for Thai Food Lately!

At times I wish my mom would learn how to cook Thai dishes at home because I have grown to love eating Thai food more frequently these days. During my spare time, I would glue myself to my cell phone and search for the next newest Thai restaurant to try out. Luckily, it did not take me very long to find this time around to find an authentic Thai place to try. (more…)

Malaysian Cafe in Vancouver BC

Food Quality Can’t Compare

From time to time, I do like to have Malaysian food for dinner and I came across a fellow foodie on Instagram who posted some amazing dishes from Panang Delight Cafe. There are actually two locations: one around Marpole area and one on Renfrew. I decided to visit the Marpole location since it is closer. The restaurant is situated in a neighbourhood which is quite hidden and kind of hard to find. The outer appearance of the restaurant appears to look rather small. (more…)

Win-lose Grubbing Experience


How often do I ever come across intriguing food deals on Groupon or SocialShopper that are of good value? SocialShopper currently has a deal going on for a new “Froyo/Waffle” establishment called Stylo Dessert located on Denman Street. The deal has two options to choose from 1) 2 large frozen parfaits for $8 or 2) 2 savory waffles with a choice of Fronados frozen yogurt or drinks for $12. (more…)