La Brasserie: Dining Experience

La Brasserie is a small, classy French-German restaurant located on Davie Street. Upon arriving, we were quickly seated to our table and we noticed that the kitchen was open to the rest of the restaurant for diners to see. A quick look at the food menu and you will notice an appetizing selection, all with a reasonable price. (more…)


Hidden Bowls of Cheap eats!  

There is nothing much more satisfying than to have a hot steaming bowl of noodles when I am feeling under the weather!

I have been eating at Thai Hang Vietnamese Restaurant for quite some time now and I finally decided to tell myself that I would write a dedicated post for it because it really does deserve one of its very own. There is nothing spectacular about the exterior and interior of the restaurant aside that the seating capacity is quite large. You can easily drive past this joint on Hastings Street. It does get busy during lunch and dinner time but the service is great still every time that I have been here. (more…)

Another Place to Try If You Are a Sushi Lover..!

Are you one of those people who on some days cannot make up your mind on what and where to eat? I am one of them. I always resort to Urbanspoon to find new restaurants to try yet I still have trouble deciding. I know for a fact that this annoys my boyfriend to a certain extent, but I just cannot help it. (more…)

A New Era of Ramen Addiction?

I want to start out by writing that I was always on the edge about eating ramen.  There are several noteworthy reasons:  1) the amount of meat and noodles given are not suffice to satisfy my stomach, 2) the broth in general is too salty for my liking to the point where I would be constantly reaching for my glass of water, 3) I cannot justify the price based on the small proportions, and 4) it is always considerably hot and unventilated at many of the ramen restaurants, leaving me in a pool of sweat! (more…)

My Waffle Search Continues….

My friend purchased this Social Shoppers deal a while back for $13 to Voyage Cafe which is located in Coal Harbour. We decided yesterday would be the perfect day to redeem this deal and have a small reunion. The café is owned by Asians and is travel friendly as there are several options to get to this destination. You can either walk, transit, or drive. (more…)