Anh and Chi

Previously known as Pho Hoang, the kids of the original owners have successfully taken over and transformed the restaurant with a modern menu and ambiance.


The Cycling Croissant

Who doesn’t want breakfast goods to be delivered to your door for free when you’re feeling lazy or when it is wet and dreary outside? The newly opened business, “The Cycling Croissant”, contacted me to try out their service and goods for free.


Gluten Free Expo 2016- Vancouver

This year I received a complimentary VIP pass to attend the 5th Annual Gluten Free Expo event. Thank you Daniel for the invitation! In all honesty, I have never attended this event before and I was definitely blessed with this opportunity to check it out! (more…)

noodle soup

Duotian Fish Soup Noodles Restaurant

2800 East 1st Ave #212, Vancouver, BC
Now that Vancouver is getting very chilly, I have been on a hunt for Chinese cafés that offer noodle soup. I came across some food photos of this restaurant and it made me really want to try it. Duotian Fish Soup Noodles Restaurant is located on the second floor of the 1st Avenue Marketplace complex which is on the corner of East 1st Avenue and Renfrew Street.

Hidden Valley Greek Tzatziki

It was such great timing for Hidden Valley Ranch to send its new Greek Tzatziki dressing for me to try! I was needing something new to add a different taste to my lunch meals. I have been really busy lately and wanted to make something quick and simple to bring to work.