Reliving It Again

It has been a while since I came to Hapa Izakaya for its ‘Hapa Hour’. Each of their Vancouver restaurants (Robson, Kits Beach, Yaletown, and Cole Harbour) offer happy hour daily with varying times and unique items at each location. I visited the Robson location this time and arrived right when it started at 5:30 pm. (more…)

Delicious Omelettes!

If you’re ever looking for a great brunch place to start your day, Paul’s Place Omelettery makes some amazing omelettes!  My sister and I visited this place which is located on Granville Street a few months back for brunch. The decor is very modern and spacious with a stairway that leads to the washrooms. As well, the service was exceptional!


A Very Delayed Post

I do not understand why it has taken me this long to blog about Shiro Japanese Restaurant. I have been here countless times with my boyfriend as it is close to our homes and the service and food have always been superb. (more…)

A Fever for Japanese KitKats.

I tend to splurge on Japanese KitKats once in awhile if I see unique or unusual flavours that capture my attention or make me raise an eyebrow. However, the price I pay for them here in Vancouver can be pretty hefty compared to in Japan where they cost probably a third of the cost here! (more…)

Food Carts That Are Up My Alley

In collaboration with this year’s Dine Out Vancouver, Street Food City was held from January 19th – 25th,2015 featuring many of Vancouver’s most popular food trucks/carts. The week long event was held at the North Plaza of the Vancouver Art Gallery which is easily accessible to everyone. However, I believe that not all the vendors show up on all days because I was scouting for a few from the list that were noticeably absent when I went.