India Bistro (Denman, Vancouver)

I was recently invited to check out India Bistro on Davie Street in Vancouver for a food tasting event with a bunch of other foodies on Instagram. Thank you so much for the invite, India Bistro!


The Poké Shop (Waterstreet, Vancouver)

It’s not hard to believe that there are so many poké places opening around Vancouver. It has become an ongoing trend that I hope doesn’t die down anytime soon!


black sesame

UYU Ice-cream

All in for Ice-cream!

If and when there is a new dessert establishment opening up in town, there is always so much excitement on social media. UYU Ice-cream, located in Gastown, is no exception. The interior has a nice modern white design but was quite compact with little standing room and only a small ledge to sit on along the window. This is a Korean owned soft serve ice-cream establishment and UYU means “milk” in Korean. (more…)

Sandwich Place

Just Bao Down

I am not going to lie, the power of social media has got me yet again. This time my boyfriend and I purposely made a trip down to Gastown to visit Bao Down which is located on Powell Street. This place can get super busy throughout the day and I am glad that we went a bit early for lunch to avoid the crowds. If you like Western style sandwiches or burgers, you might like their take on Asian style buns which I thought was a stellar idea! (more…)

Did This Restaurant CATCH Me The Second Time Around?

It was my older sister’s birthday, so my siblings and I decided to go for brunch at Catch 122 Restaurant on a weekday afternoon. My sister wanted to try this place for quite some time. This was my second time coming here and I had quite a different dining experience on a weekday versus on a weekend like last time. This time was definitely less busy as expected, but the service was a lot slower and not as attentive. (more…)