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UYU Ice-cream

All in for Ice-cream!

If and when there is a new dessert establishment opening up in town, there is always so much excitement on social media. UYU Ice-cream, located in Gastown, is no exception. The interior has a nice modern white design but was quite compact with little standing room and only a small ledge to sit on along the window. This is a Korean owned soft serve ice-cream establishment and UYU means “milk” in Korean. (more…)


A Winner in My Eyes.

Guess what? There’s another new ice-cream establishment called Rooster’s Ice-cream Bar in town! It is located on East Broadway near Vancouver Community College with some street parking, but with restrictions of course. My first initial impression when I stepped inside the shop was that they need to work on their presentation a bit. (more…)

Craving for Waffles?

Welps! This is my very first blog post! A lot of my friends have encouraged me to start food blogging, I was kind of hesitant at first because 1) I am NOT a good writer and 2) as if I haven’t written enough reports already in school, writing blog posts is like homework to me. But I guess a lot of people nowadays rather look at pictures than read a whole essay,right?! haha Well, my future posts will be short and sweet. More pictures and less rambling! (more…)