Jamaican Me All Over

A couple of weeks back, my sister insisted that we should go try some Jamaican patties at The Patty Shop located in the Arbutus area. Since it was our first time trying Jamaican food, I was pretty ecstatic about trying something new that was beyond my culture. My opinions here would be based solely on my experience as a first timer. (more…)


My Verdict on this Food Product.

Do you love to eat chips and chocolates? A week ago, my friend sent me a photo of these limited edition Lay’s chips which are available at grocery stores in Canada and USA. Instantly, I knew I had to get my hands on them. As crazy as it may seem, the sound of chocolate covered chips may not look appetizing or appealing to some. (more…)


There are definitely a lot of great restaurants that could escape our eyes when driving along Main Street.Β  One particular restaurant that is not very eye-catching from the outside is Trilussa Pizza and Pane. Β At first glance inside the restaurant, there is a home-like cafΓ© vibe where you order up front and seat yourself. (more…)

Hmmm….Sounds Delicious, But Does It Taste Good?

While doing grocery shopping at Superstore, I purchased the following limited edition Lays chips ($2.47 per bag): (more…)