Venturing off to Taco Land

I made a trip to Los Cuervos a few weeks back with my friend Jon for dinner. I was quite opened to trying this taco place after hearing my friend’s great review. This small establishment can have eaters roaming in during busy hours. (more…)


“I Told You So”

My boyfriend had been dying to try Suika for ages, but I had always said no to it since izakaya dishes are not my favourite. I decided to finally give this place a go a few weeks back and I regret not dining here earlier! (more…)

A Very Delayed Post

I do not understand why it has taken me this long to blog about Shiro Japanese Restaurant. I have been here countless times with my boyfriend as it is close to our homes and the service and food have always been superb. (more…)

Kickass Hawkers!

When I heard that my friend wanted to go to a place called “Hawkers Delight” together to grab a bite, I was expecting pub food. In fact, it is an authentic Singaporean and Malaysian restaurant. My friend,Tanya, has been here several times and she highly recommends it. (more…)