Baoguette Vietnamese Bistro (Kerrisdale)

I first fell in love with Baoguette Vietnamese Bistro when I tried their English Bay location on Denman Street. I was happy to hear that they opened another location in Kerrisdale which is a lot closer to home for me! I went to this new location twice since it opened and I had mixed opinions about it.



Ha Café

I have a soft spot for Vietnamese food so I am always on the look out for new restaurants to try. I came to Ha Café on two separate occasions and I am quite pleased with the service and the food. With most Vietnamese restaurants being very filthy looking, this one has a cleaner atmosphere and can be super busy as well. (more…)

Why Wait? Go Now!

I feel exhilarated about writing this post as I believe I found a relatively great tasting banh mi establishment in my area that is exceedingly affordable. The place is called Banh Mi Saigon which is located along Victoria Drive. (more…)

Baoguette Adventure

I have been on a Vietnamese banh mi (sandwich) binge lately and no, I am not sick of these sandwiches just yet! If I had to choose between eating a Subway sandwich or banh mi, banh mi will be my number one pick for sure! A few weeks ago, my sister and I decided to have a sister outing where we would do some shopping and eating. I suggested going to Baoguette Vietnamese Bistro on Denman Street for lunch. (more…)

Hidden Bowls of Cheap eats!  

There is nothing much more satisfying than to have a hot steaming bowl of noodles when I am feeling under the weather!

I have been eating at Thai Hang Vietnamese Restaurant for quite some time now and I finally decided to tell myself that I would write a dedicated post for it because it really does deserve one of its very own. There is nothing spectacular about the exterior and interior of the restaurant aside that the seating capacity is quite large. You can easily drive past this joint on Hastings Street. It does get busy during lunch and dinner time but the service is great still every time that I have been here. (more…)