The Poké Shop (Waterstreet, Vancouver)

It’s not hard to believe that there are so many poké places opening around Vancouver. It has become an ongoing trend that I hope doesn’t die down anytime soon!



Longtail Kitchen  

About a month ago, I finally got to try Longtail Kitchen and it was not quite what I had expected. They serve Thai and Malaysian fusion dishes that were on the pricier side for quite small proportions. This restaurant is located around the New Westminster Quay. After you place your order up front, you can seat yourself and they would bring the food to you. (more…)

Italian Pizza


I remember coming to Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria located on Commerical Drive on a Friday evening with my boyfriend and surprisingly, the majority of the seats were not occupied. This Italian restaurant brings a very nice cool, relaxing vibe which is perfect for hanging out with friends on the weekend! I was lucky to get a nice view of how the chefs assembled each of the pizzas together. (more…)

Do Not Let the Heat Scare You Away

Scorching hot heat and hot pot soup do not sound like an attractive idea at the moment, but it does not stop me from dining at Boiling Point, a Taiwanese restaurant in Burnaby. I have been to this location and the Richmond one many times in the past, but this time it is a free meal. Thank you ChineseBites for inviting me! (more…)

It happened.

Whether it is going out with one friend or a group of friends for dinner, I always have a fun time. My friend Betty and I finally got together and visited Sushi by Yuji along Kingsway a month ago for dinner. This place has been on my food list for ages as I have heard many raving reviews about their sushi and fresh seafood. (more…)