Hello,  my name is Julie!

I have a strong passion for food and photography. One of my desires is to spread awareness on restaurants and brand ambassadors that deserve more recognition under the public eye.

My goals for 2018:

1)Branch out to companies for marketing opportunities
2)Increase sponsorship
2)Provide reliable feedback on my views towards food and products
3)Create consumer awareness
4)Connect with my readers and followers

They say that a hobby can turn into a career and I hope that one day, my love for blogging can turn into one where someone can pay me to eat delicious food!

Thank you all for your support, especially for reading my food blogs and I hope they are serving you with a purpose!

For any inquiries, please e-mail me at yumdeliciousness@gmail.com!  🙂



  1. I hope you do get someone to pay you to eat delicious food one day, why not! In the meantime, I will make sure I follow your yummy blog! If you want to stop by and follow back, that would be great. Happy eating and blogging!


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